T35 Lithium-ion Battery

Introducing the T35 battery system powered by Electric Power Systems.

Markets: Aerospace & Defense


Voltage at Charge 34.8 V
Nominal Discharge Voltage 24.8 V
Voltage at Discharge Termination 18 V
Nominal Capacity (C/2) 2.9 Ah
Standard Discharge 29 A (10C)
Max Continuous Charge 200 A (69C)
Max Continuous Discharge 200 A (69C)
Peak Discharge 400 A (138C, 10s)
Battery Energy 83.52 Wh
Battery Specific Energy 36.31 Wh/kg

Life Data

Cycle Life 20,000 cycles > 80% BOL, 100% DOD
Shelf Life 60 months


Dimensions 4.75” H x 2.44” W x 7.50” Lg
Mass / Weight 2.3kg / 5.1 lbs
Cooling 3-sided thermal conductive interface
Packaging Overhead (Nominal) 22%


Discharge -30°C to +70°C
Charge 0°C to +60°C
Storage 0°C to +35°C


Module Isolated Serial x1
Controller CTM Isolate CANbus x2
Controller Discrete Out Isolated < 60V, x4
Controller Discrete In Isolated < 60V, x4