Randy Dunn

Founder, Chief Science Officer



Randy’s 35 years of engineering experience in the aerospace industry has proven invaluable to Electric Power Systems and its success in the aerospace industry. 

He started his career at McDonnell Douglas (now Boeing), working on projects such as the C-17 Integrated Flight Test Program.  After several years, he transitioned to an engineering manager role at Maxys, where he worked on various International Space Station (ISS) systems at the Kennedy Space Center.  He also ran the processing facility and performed final certification testing on the communications and power quality of the ISS solar array power distribution system. Moreover, Randy worked in coordination with Hughes Space and Communications, including a project focused on the advanced Xenon Ion Propulsion System (XIPS). 

In addition to his engineering expertise, Randy is an incredible entrepreneur.  Randy founded Phillips Aerospace in 1997, and this company is now a premier supplier of mechanical components, flight test systems, and avionics for aerospace applications.  Randy then co-founded Evaira (which would later become Electric Power Systems) in 2008 after recognizing the need for more robust energy storage systems in high-reliability markets.  Evaira found work using its energy storage systems for military applications and controllers for micro grids. The group further expanded its energy storage work by moving into medical markets, primarily focusing on mobile CT scan applications.  Randy later sold Evaira in 2011 to International Rectifier, which further pursued battery management circuitry technology.  

Randy received his Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering from Cal State Fullerton.  Randy lives in Orange, CA with his wife Shelly and four kids.  In his free time, he enjoys hiking and walking his three huskies and spending quality time with family.